Geothermal energy has garnered a lot of buzz in recent times as the world is moving towards finding a greener, renewable, sustainable, cheaper and safer alternative sources of energy to power our energy requirements without having to deplete our natural resources.

There are some who dwell on the cons of geothermal energy not casting their vote for it; how right are they in overlooking the pros of this great energy source? It is time to talk about the Geothermal Energy Pros And Cons to be able to come to our own conclusion so let’s begin.

What geothermal energy is all about?

The word geothermal is a word of Ancient Greek origin with ‘geo’ meaning earth and ‘thermal’ meaning heat.

Geothermal energy originates from inside the earth which can be harnessed to help mankind to generate electricity at the same time keeping the world healthier.

Geothermal Energy Pros And Cons

The center of the earth is tremendously hot melting rocks into fluids which move towards the earth’s surface. This is one kind of geothermal energy and the other is the heat emanating from the sun which heats up the surface of the planet; both can be considered most affordable green energy solutions for us.

Advantages of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is available throughout the year and is less expensive than solar panel technology; it can be considered the most affordable energy solution available to us.

Available and effective throughout all seasons geothermal energy saves us from spending a fortune on energy costs; works extremely well in varying weather conditions with no interruptions in supply.

Geothermal energy is less expensive than even solar panel technology apart from being totally clean and sustainable.

Designed to work for decades with just minimal servicing geothermal energy serves both commercial and residential use.

Geothermal energy pros and cons


Direct use of geothermal power for heating homes and buildings

Avoids emissions which have escalated into a major problem all over the globe due to burning fuels for energy causing acid rain and terrible pollution

Most renewable source of energy since the earth’s interiors is constantly in a state of producing heat and rains replenishing our water supply which combines to heat and cool homes without any ill effects on the environment.


Finding qualified persons to install geothermal energy plant is quite hard since not many countries use this alternate energy.

Installation of geothermal energy plant requires quite a big space, involves geothermal drilling and hence difficult to be used in densely populated areas with homes built close to each other.

The initial cost of installation is quite high hence not many are able to afford it. This can be based on the type of geothermal loop installation used, but as people find, the costs are soon covered in savings.

The crux of the problem that geothermal energy faces is in this point that though energy from the earth is a cost effective form of energy it may not stay that way; as many countries in the world do not use this source of energy, implementation cost, globally or nationally might soon become hard for taxpayers to meet.

I hope this article on Geothermal Energy Pros And Cons has enabled you to better understand the situation to let you decide if the pros are strong enough to override the cons of this alternative source of energy.